Swell Dame

Amber. 26. Florida. Sanguine E/ISTP (depending on the time of day and company involved). Ravenclaw. Production Design / Fine Arts student. Hopes to work in entertainment industry for art direction, production design and special effects.

(A rarity! What I actually look like! *gasp*)

I was Master Gracey’s Merry Widow when I went to the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween at Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

For anyone who has been there for the party, there’s a Southern Belle who sits on the lawn and interacts with guests. Naturally, I had to ask if she had seen my husband. I said that I suspect he was hanging around with the help and she laughed saying, “I suspect that myself.”

Then one of the servants stopped me and mistakened me for Wednesday Adams but I said I was Master Gracey’s widow. He asked me where my other seven string of pearls were and I said, “They’re in the vault. You can’t be too careful. With people losing their heads left and right, they have to be in safe keeping.”

Of course, I will have to a talk with the staff. I told them we were having a party and that they needed to dust, prune the hedges and ready the family cemetery. Most importantly tell those 99 “spirited” ghosts to pipe down! But they didn’t. *sigh*

I did catch up with one of my dearest friends, Constance, in the attic. After all, she is the one who gave me the idea to “off” the old tycoon in the first place.

Ssssh. Don’t tell anyone. I’m still a suspect in his murder, which is absurd! We had an argument and he lost his head!

I must go. Talking about such grave matters upset me so. Ta!

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    OH LOOK, TOTAL BABE ALERT. You and that gravestone need to get a room, wow, seriously, I realize that’s your dead...
  5. soredtherose said: Fantastic! And doubly delighted to find you’re in my age group. There’s so few of us on here. Happy Halloween, lovey :)