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It makes so much sense that “Gypsy” is one of the three songs I can listen to on ARTPOP - because Gaga collaborated with RedOne! XD

Just think how phenomenal the album could have been if all the songs were produced that way.

I am in some serious need of new decent songs from Gaga. I cannot wait for Cheek to Cheek. I only hope that ARTPOP II has the decent songs of this bizarre era.

Everything Lady Gaga has been doing since “Born This Way” has been described as a “rebirth” which is getting really boring.

How many times can she spur herself from her own vagina? Seriously.

(I was dared by my best mate to post this. Blame her. :P)

Wait. What is Lady Gaga doing at the Oscars? I like her dress!

Wow I haven’t been on the lady gaga tag in months and it seems dead. What the hell happened? XD

My mum: Lady Gaga was cleaning out her psychological closet tonight.

I know about Gaga Stigmata but I was curious if there were more that were free? Or that I could access by being a college student?

Lady Gaga Unique Born This Way Jacket on Ebay Due to financial difficulties, I’m forced to sell my Born This Way jacket that I planned on wearing to the Born This Way ball.

When the auction ends, 10% of the proceeds go to the Born This Way Foundation.

3 days and 23h left to go!

I only ask because I don’t have money to buy the album right now. XD

And I really want to listen to “TEA”, “Brooklyn Nights”, etc.

I really hope ARTPOP Volume 2 is better than Volume 1.