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Everybody thinks that this looks like Madonna’s “Vogue” but she reminds me more of Liza Minelli here.

Everybody thinks that this looks like Madonna’s “Vogue” but she reminds me more of Liza Minelli here.

Shake It Out by ~ange-etrange (me)

Available as a print at Deviantart.

My mixed media piece of Florence’s music video for “Shake It Out” (WIP)

It’s not finished yet, but when it is, it will be available on deviantart as a print. :)

WIP of Florence + The Machine watercolor piece.

I want to redraw this on a t-shirt with fabric markers when I get the chance. “Shake It Out” is one of my favorite songs.

My sister bought me this print (because she knows that ‘Edge of Glory’ is my favorite song/video off of “Born This Way” album) for Christmas and it just arrived! I love it! XD

Did anybody feel this looked like The Dying Swan from “Swan Lake” ? If that was her intention, it was beautifully used in this sequence.

I don’t know why, but this is what came to mind when I heard that in the music video.

“I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina.” - Lady Gaga

Suppose, after the breakdown, this was the beginning of her fear that if she slept with someone, she would lose her creativity on the brink of this reinvention from her breakdown.

Plus, that quote, in and of itself speaks about the female sexual organ which has been spiritually represented as the root of female creative power and identity.

Something to think about.

I know how people are saying it could have done without the beginning, but I think without the beginning, it would have been an average music video. The beginning catapulted into something else.

And this is her directorial debut? I wish my directorial debut looks like this. Damn.

The beginning made me cry. There was something so emotionally stirring and raw about the beginning of this video, that I wanted her to continue with the narrative and have “Marry The Night” as background music like it was in one part of the video.

I won’t speculate on why she was in the hospital because that’s been done ad nauseum right now and I don’t think, as many times as we view the music video, we’re never going to find out exactly what happened. Because like Gaga said, We’re supposed to interpret it in our own way. My own interpretation is that if people speculate it was about an abortion - I believe that’s a metaphor for being cut from her label. And the knife she was supposedly given, was like being given “the shaft” instead of the gummy bears.

I think it might have been something about suicide or seriously harming herself or maybe she was in an abusive relationship, accounting from the wounds on her back and ended up in the hospital. I will say that I simply take it as her being at her lowest point, whatever happened and she came back.

I thought that it was sweet, that since this is her preference of telling what happened, that she used the idea of seeing the doctor that gave birth to her. If it’s not going to be her mother or her father, then have it be the next closest person who brought you into this world - her doctor. And that the doctor was a guardian of sorts to her - knowing about her blood pressure, monitoring her health and wiping her tears away.

I love the idea of how she explained in her own way about being a dancer at Tisch and not fitting in. But then you see her in a much more “street” studio dancing - there are a bunch of dancers that are supposed to look like misfits because that is where she is truly comfortable with herself - amongst the unusual, the “freaks”, society’s castaways, which most artists are.

A brief sidenote to think about: Artists are simultaneously revered and put down by society.

The rest of the video is gorgeous, but I was moved more by the beginning and her narrative than the dancing and hearing the song. It’s funny that in her interview she said that she blacked out the following day after filming the apartment scene, because all I could think of from an artist/actor’s perspective is, ‘God she must have been exhausted - physically and mentally - after shooting this.’

And I don’t know if anybody else noticed this, but since I’m a huge Edie Sedgwick fan, didn’t the camera shots, the cinematography, the set design, etc for the apartment remind anyone else of Edie’s “Poor Little Rich Girl” film/”Ciao Manhattan” film? Because that’s what it reminded me of and since Gaga is a huge Andy Warhol fan, it would not surprise me one bit if she drew inspiration from Edie because Edie was Warhol’s little darling for awhile.

The last four seconds I’m confused about because I think that was the only weak point of the video. I have no idea what it had do with the message of the rest of the video. Can somebody explain to me?

A friendly Anon explained to me that she may have been a Phoenix rising from the ashes. I can totally see that now! XD

But yeah, incredible. Just incredible. This girl is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. XD